Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 Things I believe about all students

I was tagged by Jan North and am joining in the Allstudentsmeme

So....Here are

The 3 Things I Believe about ALL Students

1. All students can learn and be successful. This is such a basic tenet of education; anyone who does not hold this as a belief needs to find their way out of education. It is up to teachers and educators to help each student find the best way to learn and to guide every individual to discover a path to success.
2. All students can teach. As teachers interact with a student, they will learn about that student, others in their class, better ways to teach, and even subject matter. Teachers need to be open to education as a two-way street and grow by learning from students in their classroom. In this digital age, this may be more important for teachers to accept than ever before. Students often have a head start in all things digital; teachers need to appreciate that and be willing to let students be the sage for the digital age.
3. All students should be valued and respected. Each student has special gifts and each student will be a part of our interconnected future. Students can become life-long learners and valuable members of our society by being challenged with high expectations in a safe, innovative environment, regardless of their background and special circumstances.